Gifts for Anyone Who Has A Yard

Gifts for Anyone Who Has A Yard

It’s easy to get gifts for gardeners. They can always use plants, seeds and new garden gloves. But how about those people who wouldn’t classify themselves as a gardener? What about those “black thumbs” on your list? Here are a few suggestions:

1. A pair of really good pruners like the pros use. Most homeowners need them but wouldn’t buy a pair for themselves. Yet everyone knows that a good tool makes any job go faster and easier. Most of the HCG staff has at least one Felco pruners, but there are those who swear by Corona as well. (What a surprise…we stock both.)

2. A squirrel-defeating bird feeder. Even the person who has everything has squirrels that eat their birdseed. Here’s a gift that solves that problem!

4. Air plants. No soil, occasional misting or squirting, and they can go anywhere! Very sculptural, easy and interesting. We carry some very classy bubbles to put them in as well.

5. A garden consultation. Our consultation service will help with on-the-spot plant identification, maintenance suggestions, design of new gardens and more. This is especially worthwhile for someone who is new to the Cape and doesn’t know where to start in their new landscape.

6. Pet toys! People dote on their dogs and cats, and you can help them do so! (Note: this is not a good gift idea for your spouse if you’re just angling to get a kitten or puppy. Our advice is to have a pet before you go this route.)

Come into the store so we can share more creative suggestions. Happy Holidays!

Here is a bubble garden that our greenhouse staff created - more examples below.

Here is a bubble garden that our greenhouse staff created. You can make your own for a gift or have us do them for you.



  1. dc on December 17, 2015 at 11:42 am

    Please, can you tell me WHEN to hard prune 3 very tall unwieldly rose of sharon shrubs?
    I would like to reduce the height by half, then maybe thin out the number of branches from the base, for a more pleasing aesthetic.And what do you think?
    Thank You

    • CLFornari on December 18, 2015 at 8:52 am

      If you are doing a major pruning do it in the spring – March or April, before the plant breaks dormancy. Touch up pruning or light trimming can be done in fall or early spring.

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