Gift Giving Problem Solver

Gift Giving Problem Solver

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect holiday gift for the people you know. So in the interest of helping you discover the right present for those who are hard-to-shop-for, here is our 2018 Holiday Gift List.

For The Condo Dweller

Those who live in condos often grow flowers and assorted other plants in pots. A Dramm Watering Wand is perfect for anyone with containers.

Dramm Watering Wands are an essential item for anyone with plants in containers. And you can use the high-pressure setting to clean off the deck too!

For the New Home Owner

Most people don’t think of a Rain Gauge as being a perfect gift, but it is a must-have tool for anyone with a yard. Knowing how much moisture Mother Nature has delivered is helpful information – you’ll understand that if there is an inch of rain per week, you don’t have to water your established gardens. (Newly placed plants might require a supplemental soaking after three or four days.) Some like to have one gauge in the front yard and one in the back…because it’s interesting to compare!

A rain gauge is a “must-have” tool for any homeowner.

For The Guy Who Loves His Car

He takes great care of his automobile and wants it to last forever. (Or at least until he can afford a new one.) Help him easily clear the car of snow without scratching the paint!

This Sno Brum pushes snow off the car without harming the finish.

For Your Parent Who Has a Hard Time “Getting Up and Down”

Your mom or dad likes to be active, and has an interest in taking care of their home and garden…but she or he is finding it more difficult to plant Impatiens or pull those pesky weeds. This little tool can be flipped and turned into a kneeler, or used as a seat. It isn’t just for the garden…good for someone who wants to get down to retrieve that item that rolled under the sofa too.

This handy bench can be used as a kneeler or a seat. Perfect for someone who still likes to plant and weed, but has a harder time getting up and down to tend things at ground level.


For The Dog Lover

They love their dog and take Fido everywhere. The perfect gift for these folks is a travel thermos that comes with it’s own bowl. Perfect for those who go south for the winter, or have two houses and go between them with the dog in the car too.

This is a combination thermos and dog bowl. Great for giving Fido a drink after walks in the woods or on the beach.

For The Person Who Always Wants “The Best Tool For The Job”

You know the type: whether it’s the latest slow-cooker or mixer for the kitchen, or the perfect saw or wrench set, this person wants to have the best tool for the job. When it comes to pruning and tidying up the yard and garden, that must-have tool is a pair of Felco by-pass pruners. There are even special ones for lefty’s.

A pair of Felco By-pass pruners is on every serious gardener’s list…it’s the tool professional landscapers use as well.

For The Person Who Doesn’t Want More STUFF

They have everything they want or need, right? So give them an experience instead. Let them have the joy of watching the shoots and roots grow, the leaves turn a fresh green, and then the white, fragrant flowers emerge indoors. Give them some Paperwhite Narcissus bulbs, a bag of marble chips and perhaps a nice dish, pot or bowl to hold a grouping of eight or ten plants. Once the flowering has finished they will toss the plants in the compost and don’t have to worry about “keeping them alive.”

The beauty of paperwhite narcissus is that after they finish flowering you toss them in the compost pile.

For the Bird Lover Who Wants It Easy To Feed The Birds

She loves to watch the birds but finds the bags of seed to be heavy and messy. Give her a big Mr. Bird feeder and some blocks of seed to fill it.

These blocks of seeds come formulated for several types of birds. Just pop them in the wire holder and hang it where you can watch the birds enjoying their treat.

For Your Favorite Teacher

Give a smile this year. We have a great assortment of funny graphic decorations.

For Someone Who Is Curious About CBD’s

Everyone is talking about using CBD (Cannabidiol) for insomnia or arthritis. If you know someone who has been curious to see if CBD’s might help them feel better, this Colorado Hemp Honey is a great way to try it out. Spread it on toast or put it in tea. It comes plain, and with lemon or ginger.

This honey is packed with CBDs…perfect for someone with insomnia or arthritis to try in their tea.

For The Nature-Loving Middle School Student

When I was around 10 I had an aunt who gave me unusual presents. Pine scented incense one year, a mosaic dish kit the next. These are the only Christmas gifts I remember decades later. So this year, give a young person something that’s unexpected. And if you know a student who shows an interest in nature, introduce him or her to the wonderful world of birds.

Giving some pre-made nectar is a great way to introduce someone to the beauty of hummingbirds. Later, he or she might want to learn how to make their own…but this will get everyone off to a great start.

For the Plant Lover Who Also Travels

They love plants but they also love to travel. So how can they enjoy indoor greenery if they’ll be gone for a couple of weeks? Succulents are the answer. Get them a collection of different shapes and colors…these can be combined into a mixed planter or grown in separate pots. They can be put outside in the summer and come into a sunny window for the cold season. Best of all, if you water them well before you go, they will still be alive when you return home…assuming that you’ll just be gone for days and not months, of course.

These succulents do well indoors or outside, and can be left for two or three weeks without watering.

For Your Dad Who Is At War With The Squirrels

He’s tried rigging up garbage can lids and wires. He’s coated poles with grease, and he’s sicced the dog on them more times than anyone can count. Help your dad win the war with one of these squirrel defying bird feeders.

“Those #[email protected]*&! Squirrels keep eating up the seed!” Fight back with these feeders.

For Anyone Who Can Use A Smile

Be they grandparents, college kids, a best friend, or the neighbor who was so helpful when your car wouldn’t start. These adorable little mice will make everyone smile.

These charming little felt mice can be found in the “Natural Life” section of our store. They are one of the best-kept secrets in stock!


Of course Country Garden is also filled with gifts for gardeners. And be sure to join us for the Local And Last Minute Shopping Event on December 19th from 3 PM to 6:30 PM. We’ll have area artists, craftspeople, and authors on hand selling unique gifts. Why go to the mall when you can Shop Local? Our staff can help you locate all the items shown above or make other gift suggestions. We’ll have refreshments and a wine tasting too, so join us on the 19th for a loving, local, and last minute party.


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