Flowers Through The Winter?

Flowers Through The Winter?

You can grow that!

Last winter my Gold Collection hellebores came into flower in December and continued flowering to mid-March. When they weren’t covered by snow, they made me smile every time I went in my kitchen door. The Gold Collection Helleborus niger, aka Christmas rose, typically start flowering in early December. The hybrids in this collection are bred for vigor and upward facing flowers.

Hellebores grow best in part-shade or full shade…mine are planted where they receive a couple of hours of morning sun all summer but little direct sun in the winter when the sun is low. Since this perennial blooms in the winter you’ll want to plant it in places where you’ll see it at this time of year.

Hellebores have attractive foliage during the summer, so they are truly an asset in the garden all year. But the main reason to plant them is for the smiles they will bring every time the snow melts and you see their upturned, white or pinkish-white blossoms. Flowers through the winter? You can grow that.

We usually get the Christmas Rose Hellebores into Hyannis Country Garden in December, and the Lenten Rose in March or April. Pictured is Jacob, a white flowering hellebore.
This Jacob Hellebore flowered from November into March.
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