Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Three members of our Country Garden Green Team visited Pleasant View Gardens in New Hampshire today. We toured the demonstration gardens and learned about several new introductions from Proven Winners. Some of the plants we’re excited about will be featured in upcoming blogs so check back soon for  a peak at some wonderful annuals that will be available next year. It’s not only interesting to see those selections that are either new or improved, but it’s also important to see new combinations and arrangements. Experiences like this sparks ideas about planting combinations and display.

This is why garden tours are positive for everyone. Whether it’s to professional growers such as Pleasant View, or to local private gardens. You could give seven people a group of the same plants and you’d end up with seven different containers or gardens…people are likely to do something different with the same materials.

If you have the opportunity to visit other gardens – public, private or professional – do it!  You’ll come away entertained and inspired.

We loved the plantings in these window boxes and the bright colors of the boxes and frames.

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