Fall Gardening Brings Rewards Next Spring

Fall Gardening Brings Rewards Next Spring

At this time of year we often have clear sunny days when it’s a pleasure to be out in the yard and garden. Getting out and enjoying the late-fall weather can also save you time and effort next spring. Here are three ways of reaping rewards now and next season:

  • After cutting down your perennials the fall is the perfect time to fertilize and amend soils for next season. Apply an organic fertilizer such as Flower-tone and follow this with an application of composted manure or compost. An inch of Moo Doo, Quoddy, or Penobscot Blend Compost on the surface of the soil around perennials will improve the garden from the top down.
  • Is it time to refresh the soil in your window boxes and pots? Empty them now and refill with fresh potting soil now so that it’s done for next season. You’ll get four for one by refreshing your containers now. In addition to filling the boxes with new soil you can plant small evergreens in these containers for the winter. Next, tuck in some spring-flowering bulbs around the small shrubs or trees. Now you’ll have attractive containers to look at all winter, spring bulbs for early color, and evergreens to plant elsewhere in your garden next season.
  • Keep your spring bulbs vital. This is a great time to fertilize around the spring-flowering daffodils, tulips and other bulbs that are already in place. It’s particularly important if you garden in sandy soils. Apply Bulb-tone or Plant-tone now on the areas where your bulbs are growing. These fertilizers will be available to your plants when they need the nutrients next spring.
When fertilizing bulbs, scatter the organic Bulb-tone over the entire area where you’re planting. Do not just put fertilizer in the bottom of the hole. In the future, scatter Bulb-tone around established bulbs in April.

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