Decorate For The Birds

Decorate For The Birds

If you’re thinking that holiday decorating is for the birds, you might be right. For many, their outdoor decor serves several purposes: it celebrates the season, feeds the birds, and is an enjoyable Thanksgiving-weekend activity.

Many of you might remember stringing popcorn and cranberries to put on a tree for the birds. While this is still fun and charming, using suet and birdseed is more nourishing for winged creatures. Here are some ideas for creating decorations that the birds will love.

You can either make your own bird-feeding decorations, or use suet cages on wreaths and swags that you purchase or make yourself. (Come into the store to see the variety of suet-holders that can be used.) Here are some examples of swags with suet cages, and instructions for how you can create your own bird-feeding ornaments out of pine cones, bird seed, and either suet or peanut butter.

This swag was made with a wire suet cage at the top. It holds a standard block of suet, and will attract all Cape woodpeckers. Note that you might want to attach a suet swag to the side of a shed or on a tree, not on your front door. First, you don’t want to encourage raccoons or squirrels to be in the habit of eating by your front door. And secondly, you will want to hang such decorations where you will see the happy birds from a window.
You can make your own decorations with a pinecone, twine or ribbon, birdseed, raisins, and either suet or peanut butter.
Tie the ribbon or twine around the pinecone, knotting it on the top. (You can make a decorative bow on the top later, if you wish.)
Soften the suet briefly in the microwave if it’s too hard to spread, then use a knife to smear the cone. If using peanut butter instead of suet, spread it over the cone with a knife. Roll the cone in birdseed. You can add raisins or pieces of other fruit to the mix if you wish.
Hang the seed-crusted cones outdoors, either on a sturdy tree or on a cut Christmas tree you’ve set outside for that purpose.
This swag was made with a suet cage that held a mix of suet and birdseed. Swags are easy to make by layering assorted evergreen boughs and tying them at the top with wire. After securing the boughs together, add any pine cones and wire on the suet holder. Next, attach a wire around the top and form it into a loop for hanging. Finish with a ribbon at the top that hides all the wires.

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