Creating A Water Feature ~ Ponds and Waterfalls

Creating A Water Feature ~ Ponds and Waterfalls


One of our missions at Hyannis Country Garden is to help people discover wellness. We help our customers to raise fresh, organically grown food and to use a diverse selection of plants that will bring them joy, outside and indoors. For almost 30 years our water gardening department has helped people to create landscape features that provide relaxation and relief from stress.

“Ponds are the most popular type of water garden,” says Mike Preston, who started Country Garden’s aquatic department. “The aesthetics of a pond…from the visuals of rippling water to the sound of falling water are why people decide to have a pond. The tranquility of the sounds and sights are very therapeutic.” Mike goes on to say that installing a pond isn’t complicated but there are decisions that need to be made in advance that will make a water feature function well and be pleasing all year long.

“A pond should be located where you can enjoy it,” Mike advises, “and you want the pond to look like it was there before the house was built. So you don’t want it too big or too small.”  Another decision is whether there will be fish in the pond or not. Watching fish swim in the water is very relaxing, but in order to live through the winter a fish pond must have a section that is at least two feet deep so it doesn’t freeze. Mike says that if you want to have pond plants such as water lilies, the pond should be in a sunny location and you want to avoid koi fish. Koi will eat the plants.

Mike also says that it’s important to have the right size pump and tubing so that the water gets easily moved and filtered. “If you use the right equipment, your only maintenance will be feeding your fish. You should be able to relax, sit ponside with your favorite libation and just chill out. ”

Shubunkins are a popular fish for ponds since their bright colors show up well in the water.

There are assorted pond plants for the margins around your pool and others that will grow inside the pond itself.

Koi can live for years if they have the right sized ponds. These smaller fish will grow quite large over time. Come into the store to see our Koi pond and the large fish that call it home.

When people approach the pond at Hyannis Country Garden the koi think they will be fed and many of them open their mouths so that they look as if they are singing!


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