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Fall Gardening Brings Rewards Next Spring

At this time of year we often have clear sunny days when it’s a pleasure to be out in the yard and garden. Getting out and enjoying the late-fall weather can also save you time and effort next spring. Here are three ways of reaping rewards now and next season: After cutting down your perennials…

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Still Time To Take Cuttings

Since we haven’t had a frost yet it’s still possible to take some cuttings of your favorite annuals and perennials. For easy propagation you’ll need some rooting cubes (see photo), rooting hormone, plastic trays to hold your cubes and cuttings, and a sharp knife. 1. Cut pieces of the plants you wish to propagate that…

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A True Storm Story

In the height of the hurricane, as the letters were blowing off of Country Garden’s roof, employee Amelia Lynch watched as a man untied a bunch of corn stalks off of the fence and stole them.  He carted that corn away, complete with orange bow. Emergency decorating for a hurricane party?  

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Measuring Rain

Every yard and garden should have a rain gauge. Whether it’s large or small, decorative or simply functional, it’s important to know how much water Mother Nature has delivered. For most established plants, an inch of rain every seven days is the ideal. When a Northeast garden gets that amount of rain you don’t need…

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Talking Plants, Products, and More…

Welcome to the Hyannis Country Garden Blog! Although we’re fully decked out for the holidays and helping customers with trees, wreaths, poinsettias and other Christmas decor, it is also time to get our company blog going. Something new? We can grow that! This is the place where we’ll chat about all manner of things from…

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