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A Sunny Day? You Can Grow That!

Every day is filled with sunshine if you grow Sunflowers. This annual plant, Helianthus annuus, makes a cheerful addition to any flower bed, vegetable plot, or bird garden. Best of all, they are easy to grow! Don’t look for annual sunflowers in the garden center, however. These plants are best planted from seed. Put sunflower…

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The Magic of Microgreens

It’s cold outside and spring can’t come fast enough. Some of us satisfy our urge to plant by planning our vegetable gardens, but those in the know aren’t waiting….they’re growing micro-greens indoors. Micro-greens are the youngest plants imaginable. They may be tiny but are nevertheless filled with flavor and nutrients. Tiny beet microgreens taste just…

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Seed Starting Tips – #1

It may be winter outside, but that don’t let that stop you for planning for the coming growing season. At this time of year many gardeners make plans for starting seeds. In fact, those seeds that require more time to germinate, or those seedlings that take longer to grow, can be started early and grown…

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