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Holiday Decor

Cyclamen for Winter Cheer

Cold weather got you down? We have the perfect plant for you. It’s cheerful and versatile, and perfect for those who want a plant that’s not as associated with Christmas as the Poinsettia is. This plant is often called “florist Cyclamen” and it grows from a bulb. We love these bright flowers on the windowsill, …

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Caring for a Living Christmas Tree

Planting a living tree can be a great way to add to your landscape, extend the season, and add a fun family tradition to your Christmas holiday. As with anything growing and alive a little preparation is in order for a successful experience. It is best to think in advance of where your tree will…

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Growing Evergreens in Containers All Year

At this time of year many of our customers decide to plant an evergreen in their urns, whiskey barrels, and larger outdoor containers. “What evergreen will live through the winter outside?” they ask. Here’s the general guideline, and a couple of shrub suggestions that are particularly good on Cape Cod. No matter where you live,…

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Pumpkin Totems & Fall Celebrations

Celebrate the glorious fall with an easy to make harvest decoration. Build a pumpkin totem! At this time of year the garden center is well stocked with all colors of pumpkins, squash and gourds for fall decorating, and stacking some up couldn’t be easier. Here are a few ideas to get you started.  

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Christmas At Country Garden

Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the store, the Green Team is helping Cape Cod’s holidays to soar. Kids shout with excitement as they pick out their tree; Our guys cut, wrap, and tie it…once the parents agree. In front of the building the greenhouse is spread With full, lush Poinsettias in white,…

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Recycle and Rejoice!

As I dumped garbage into the garden center’s dumpster the other day I spied a wooden crate that we received spring bulbs in. These shipping boxes have that aesthetic appeal shared by other well designed, functional items such as flower pots and cigar boxes. Since it’s the season to decorate porches and decks, I decided…

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Create A Holiday Centerpiece

It’s easy to make a holiday centerpiece that will hold one or more candles. Here’s how it’s done: You need a block of wet Oasis, a dish to hold the oasis, waterproof tape, plastic candle holder, candle, greens and any embelishments.  

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Easy, Colorful Fall Decorating

Looking for a quick way to dress up your porch or patio for fall? Make a pumpkin totem! Get an urn, large pot or even a hay bale and place it on your porch, near a light post or where ever you would like fall decorations. Consider doing a display where you’ll see it from…

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A Black Thumb’s Guide to Holiday Plants

You say you usually kill the colorful plants people give you during the holidays? Don’t despair…here are some of The Garden Lady’s hints for keeping them alive. 1. Poke a hole in the bottom of that foil wrapping. Better yet, pull the foil off and throw it away. You want the water to be able…

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