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Things My Mother Told Me

My mother was a pretty wise woman and her advice was usually spot on. She told me to treat other people in the way I wanted to be treated, not to try and solve difficulties at night when I was tired, and to always bring a hostess gift when I arrived and write a thank…

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Measuring Rain

Every yard and garden should have a rain gauge. Whether it’s large or small, decorative or simply functional, it’s important to know how much water Mother Nature has delivered. For most established plants, an inch of rain every seven days is the ideal. When a Northeast garden gets that amount of rain you don’t need…

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Gift Hydrangeas

At this time of year our greenhouse is filled with gift hydrangeas for Easter and Mother’s day. The large, colorful flowers are so beautiful it’s no wonder that this is a popular holiday plant and present. Everyone who buys or receives these plants invariably asks the same question: “Can I plant this greenhouse grown Hydrangea…

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Seven Steps Closer to Spring – #1

Over the next seven weeks I’ll post seven suggestions for activities that can liven up winter and bring you ever closer to spring. We hope you’ll enjoy these projects that will make the dormant season less dreary!  #1 Plant a Think Spring Container Remind yourself or someone else that spring will come again. Create a…

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A Black Thumb’s Guide to Holiday Plants

You say you usually kill the colorful plants people give you during the holidays? Don’t despair…here are some of The Garden Lady’s hints for keeping them alive. 1. Poke a hole in the bottom of that foil wrapping. Better yet, pull the foil off and throw it away. You want the water to be able…

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No More Stuff!

I helped a customer this morning who came into the store looking for a gift. “I need something for someone who doesn’t want any more stuff,” she said. She isn’t alone. Many of us know people who don’t need additional doodads. Fortunately there are several great alternatives for these folks. Here are a few suggestions:…

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