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Creative Outdoor Activities

Easy, Colorful Fall Decorating

Looking for a quick way to dress up your porch or patio for fall? Make a pumpkin totem! Get an urn, large pot or even a hay bale and place it on your porch, near a light post or where ever you would like fall decorations. Consider doing a display where you’ll see it from…

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A Green Roof Fairy House? You Can Grow That!

Make a house for the fairies. Take two old plastic hanging baskets. Cut one down to an inch or two high so that you have a shallow dish with the drainage holes on the bottom. Cut a door opening in the other. You can use heavy duty scissors or tin snips. Put the saucer-piece on…

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Edible Landscapes

Are you interested in fresh, tasty food? Would you like to be able to go out into your yard and pick ingredients for dinner? If your answer to these questions is “yes” but you’re not ready to install a full-scale vegetable garden or berry patch, this post is for you. Many of our customers would…

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Seven Steps Closer To Spring – #3

Create A New View It may be too early to plant, but there are other ways of enhancing a view. To determine if this is an option for your property, start by looking out your windows. As you gaze from those indoor vantage points onto scenes you frequently see, ask yourself the following question: Is…

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Decorate a Tree for the Birds

Although many think of decorating a tree for the birds at Christmas, it might be even more welcomed later. In the depth of winter it’s good to supply suet and seed for the birds to eat. It’s also cheering for us to do something creative and fun. At Country Garden’s Holiday Open House in 2011…

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