Flowers Through The Winter?

You can grow that! Last winter my Gold Collection hellebores came into flower in December and continued flowering to mid-March. When they weren’t covered by snow, they made me smile every time I went in my kitchen door. The Gold Collection Helleborus niger, aka Christmas rose, typically start flowering in early December. The hybrids in…

Making An Edible Herb Wreath

A customer wanted some small herb wreaths intending that the herbs would dry and be able to be snipped off for cooking. Due to our mild fall many herbs in the garden are still wonderful, so we created two wreaths for her using organically grown herbs. Here’s how you can make one yourself. First cut…

Creating Custom Wreaths

At Hyannis Country Garden we embellish plain, balsam wreaths for our customers. Here’s a series of photos that shows how you can do this too!

Raised Beds

A raised bed garden? You can grow that! A raised bed kit special at the store got me thinking about this topic today. If you’re thinking about installing raised beds, here are some tips for success:

Repurposing A Birdbath

Many people put an electric heater in one birdbath so that their feathered friends have fresh water all winter. Other birdbaths may be turned over for the winter or brought into the garage until spring, however. Instead of closing these down or packing them away, consider filling them with natural materials. They can be left…

Planting Kale

At this time of year the kale are the most vibrant plants in the garden. They didn’t look so colorful when we were selling at the garden center in September, but now…stand back! Brilliant color just when everything else is dying. The cold temperatures bring out the brilliant hues in this plant so placing them in…

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