Beautiful Containers With Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Beautiful Containers With Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Summer is a short season in New England, so it’s only natural that people want their flowering containers to do well. Here are some tips for successful planting this spring.

  • Fill the entire pot or box with good quality potting soil. Do not put rocks, mulch or other debris in the bottom of a pot. Although this was a standard practice for many years, we know that it’s bad for plants. Think about it…when did you ever buy a plant raised by professional growers that had rocks or shards in the bottom of the pot? Never! That’s because the pros know that the entire pot should be filled with planting mix.
  • Don’t cover the drainage holes. You don’t have to worry that soil will leak out…the amount of potting mixture that comes out of drainage holes is minimal.
  • In general, fill window boxes and smaller pots with fresh potting mix every year. To save on mix needed for large pots, empty out the top half of the old soil and loosen what remains at the bottom of the pot. Add fresh potting mix to the top.

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Fill your containers with fresh Miracle Gro potting mix, and don’t put rocks in the bottom or cover up the drainage holes.
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