Problem Solving Gift Suggestions

Never misplace that ring again!

Two weeks ago we gave you a few ideas for your gift list. Here are a few more suggestions for some of those hard-to-buy-for people and others.

For your mother who was plagued by rabbits all last summer. They ate her flowers, herbs and vegetables and so she felt bombarded by bunnies through the entire […]

June is Perennial Month

Daylilies and Echinacea make the July garden come alive with color.

June is a month when gardeners and garden centers celebrate perennial plants. And there are so many to enjoy! Perennials are wonderful in the landscape because they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But just as people come with assorted appearances and personalities, perennial plants do as well. The secret to having a good […]

Plants And The Variable Winter Weather

Daffodils often stick up shoots in December and they do not seem to be harmed by cold winter temperatures.

Many of us remember the winters in our youth when the snow arrived in December or early January and stayed until spring. Ponds froze early in those days and people could walk across a lake or skate on the ice for three or more months. Winter isn’t like that anymore. One thing we know about […]

Recycling Celebrations

Some of these wreaths include recycled materials. The Oyster Shells on this wreath, for example, were given to us by someone who had harvested and enjoyed local oysters. The shells were cleaned and drilled, going on to a new life as wreath decor.

Today is America Recycles Day. This reminds me about Christmas at Country Garden and something I saw at the Philadelphia airport. As I walked down to my gate in October I noticed a colorful grouping of plants and old wooden pallets. Some of the boards on the pallets had been painted with random colors and […]

How Gardens Heal

Some choose focal point statuary that has special meaning to them when creating healing gardens.

I remember talking with a fellow gardener about 20 years ago. He was telling me how the garden saved him after his divorce. “There I was,” he said, “down on my knees, literally. Having my hands in the dirt kept me sane.”

My friend was not alone. Many of us turn to the healing powers […]

Why Did My Hydrangea Flowers Turn Brown?

So now you know. What turned YOUR hydrangea flowers brown?

You patiently waited for six months while the Hydrangeas were bare sticks, you actually had flowers appear despite the hard winter or bad pruning, but by the first week in August they were brown! Sometimes life is SO unfair. So why did your flowers turn brown when your neighbor’s are still in bloom? Here’s what […]

Good Garden Dogs

Occasionally Sparky will come into the garden as I work. "Aren't you done picking beans?"

As many of you know, my husband and I got a new dog last October. We adopted Sparky from the Cape Ann Animal Aid which is located, don’t you love it, at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester, but his litter was rescued off the streets of Puerto Rico by All Sato Rescue. Sparky turned one […]

Winter Moth Larvae Are Here!

If you haven’t looked closely at your maples, birches, crabapples, weeping cherries and roses in the past two weeks you might be missing the fact that they are being eaten. Even as the these trees and shrubs are just breaking dormancy, if you live in S.E. Massachusetts you are likely to see tiny holes in […]

Problems With Spring Bulbs

Daffodils are reliably perennial when planted in well amended soil.

We’ve had a few emails recently about spring bulbs, so I thought I’d talk a bit about common problems and great bulbs for this region. (S.E. Massachusetts.)

One common problem people has is that their bulbs don’t come back and multiply as they expected they would. This could be the result of several situations.

Soil […]

September Garden To-Do List

September is one of the best months on Cape Cod. The weather is often still summer-like but the nights tend to be cooler, so our yards and gardens are usually beautiful. It’s a month to appreciate our lovely seaside environment, and get some landscape tweaking done before winter arrives. Here are 10 things that are […]