Why Didn't My.....Have Fall Color

Or, “Why did my…..turn brown and look dead so suddenly this fall?” I’ve gotten emails, phone calls and text messages from all over Cape Cod with this question. For many it’s their Japanese maples or Hydrangea shrubs that are in question. But others ask about Viburnum, Weigelia, burning bush, beech trees and other shrubs or […]

Planting Large Containers For Winter

Whisky barrels, troughs and other large containers are perfect for filling with small evergreens in the fall. Plant them in October and enjoy their beauty into early May. And if you stick some bulbs around those plants you’ll have winter shrubs and spring flowers. In early May, transplant these small evergreens to a spot in […]

How Late Can I Plant In The Fall?

Plants that lose their leaves in the winter, such as these Bobo Hydrangeas, need a bit less water than evergreens. Water deciduous plants weekly into November.

From October through December we hear this question from our customers. In fact, we find that on Cape Cod there are many people who are planting in the fall. Some have recently purchased a home and want to get a jump on the landscaping. Others suddenly need a privacy screening or are now ready to […]

What Should I Do To Hydrangeas In The Fall?

Look for flowers like this to dry or for making Hydrangea Wreaths.

Short answer? Not too much! But we know that this answer isn’t very helpful to people who wonder if they should cut them back or trim off the dried flowers. So here is what you need to know as your hydrangeas move from summer into fall.

1. If you want to pick the blue or […]

White Hydrangeas – The Paniculata Group

Here are how the Pinky Winky flowers look in September.

In July the blue or pink mophead and lacecap are the stars of the show on Cape Cod. But as we move into August, it’s time for the panicle hydrangeas to take center stage. Those in the Hydrangea paniculata group come in all sizes and they are bone-hardy shrubs that reliably flower from late summer […]

Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival

Hyannis Country Garden is the proud sponsor of this year's collectible Hydrangea Festival poster. Each year a local artist's work is chosen. This lovely painting is by Susan A. Hollis.

As people all over Cape Cod begin touring gardens during the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival, we thought it appropriate to post a few hydrangea facts this week. Here are a few facts and tips about Cape Cod’s favorite shrub:

There is a hydrangea for every garden! If you have a sunny yard, plant one of […]

Plants For More Landscape Color

Dappled willows are especially beautiful in the spring when the new foliage is pink and white. Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki' is available in shrub or tree form.  Note that the shrub should be pruned by taking the oldest branches out near to the ground, which will stimulate growth on the top. if this plant is just sheared every year it has less color since the new growth is the most colorful. Both shrub and tree form should be pruned by removing about 1/4 of the growth every year, selecting the oldest stems.

One of the things that many of our customers request is “More color!” Usually they are talking about flowers, of course. We all want something that’s in bloom in every month of the year. But along with planning for plants that will flower, remember to look at foliage color and texture. If your garden is […]

Can I Plant My Gift Hydrangea Outside?

Red toned Hydrangea flowers will be a dark purple or blue in our naturally acidic soils. If the soil remains alkaline the flowers will stay red or pink.

Before Easter and Mothers Day our greenhouse is filled with beautiful potted Hydrangea plants. These make lovely gifts but since they are raised in a greenhouse, and are in flower months before their natural blooming time when grown outdoors, many wonder if it’s possible to keep them and plant them in the landscape later. Here […]

What To Do In The Landscape In Early Spring

Any perennials that have winter damage should be cut back to get rid of those browned leaves. This Epimedium ground cover (one of the best weed-smothering ground covers for shade) is an example. Using hedge trimmers makes the job go quickly.

Thank goodness the temperatures are starting to rise on Cape Cod because there is so much to be done in the yard and garden. Here is a pictorial to-do list for the first week of April:

1. Rake leaves where they have gathered and cut old perennials that have remained in the garden all winter […]

Hydrangea Report – March 6th

Some plants still have buds that look green but they also have a bit of blackness that wasn't there before last weekend. Only time will tell if the germ of the flower is still alive here.

On Cape Cod we don’t care so much about about “Wind Chill temperatures” – we want reports on “Hydrangea Kill temperatures.” Knowing that our beloved Hydrangea macrophylla form their flower buds the previous summer, we all want those buds to make it through the winter so that our shrubs will come into bloom in the […]