Celebrate Life With Paperwhite Narcissus

These narcissus were planted in a crock pot and once they were tall a bark-covered wire was used to support them.

There are so many reasons that we love paperwhite Narcissus, but many people ask “How do I keep narcissus foliage upright?” At the time of year when the days are short and it’s getting cold it’s uplifting to have something that we can watch grow. Paperwhites sprout and grow quickly even when planted on a […]

How To Make A Boxwood Tree in Oasis

One of the things our custom department does at the holidays is to make boxwood and mixed greens trees in oasis. We sell plain trees for those who want to decorate one themselves, and we offer pre-decorated trees in assorted styles. These trees are fun to make and every year we offer workshops and teach […]

Planting Large Containers For Winter

Whisky barrels, troughs and other large containers are perfect for filling with small evergreens in the fall. Plant them in October and enjoy their beauty into early May. And if you stick some bulbs around those plants you’ll have winter shrubs and spring flowers. In early May, transplant these small evergreens to a spot in […]

Celebrate The Season ~ Loving Fall

Don't forget the deck furniture when it comes to fall decorating. A fall-flowering plant (this one is a plectranthus) and some pumpkins and gourds make a lovely table display.

Since Autumn is such a glorious time on Cape Cod, people want to celebrate the season. So we decided to give you a picture gallery with a few ideas for “fall-ifying” your yard, porch and garden.

If you get hay bales they can serve more than one purpose. Use them to decorate through Thanksgiving, […]

The Best Things To Do For Your Yard In September

And don't forget to pick flowers and bring them in for small bouquets. We need to celebrate the season indoors and out!

The tourists might come to the Cape in the summer, but those of us who live here know that one of the best months to be on Cape Cod is September. It’s also a great time to be outside in your yard and garden. Here are a few things that you can do this month […]

What Should I Do To Hydrangeas In The Fall?

Look for flowers like this to dry or for making Hydrangea Wreaths.

Short answer? Not too much! But we know that this answer isn’t very helpful to people who wonder if they should cut them back or trim off the dried flowers. So here is what you need to know as your hydrangeas move from summer into fall.

1. If you want to pick the blue or […]

Terrific Tulips and Tulip Troubles

Recently I sat on my deck and watched the first hummingbird of the season visit my trough of tulips. For the entire month of April the developing tulips have made me smile. Elsewhere in the yard their cheerful flowers bloom red, yellow, pink and purple, complementing the daffodils and other spring flowers. Tulips are terrific.


On This Day In History

On this day in 2013 my pink hellebores were in full bloom. They are today too, although last Friday's storm has temporarily covered them. These Hellebores are Helleborus niger, aka the Christmas Rose. This particular plant comes into bloom in late February every year, while some other H. niger start flowering in December.

I have to say that digital photography is wonderful. We can see our photos immediately and don’t have to wait for slides or prints to be processed. We can shoot many more photos than we need and delete those that aren’t good without cost. And we can easily scroll back through our photo libraries to […]

Winter Damage or Nature’s Pruning?

The forest floor at Scorton Creek is carpeted with nature's pruning job. These high-nitrogen needle tips will provide nutrients for the trees they came off of. And the branches that were "pruned" by Mother Nature will double their growth next year.

After the past two wind/snow/ice storms on the Cape I, like many of you, have found many twigs, branches and leaves on the ground. When walking my dog at Scorton Creek in Sandwich the ground is patterned with the tips of Norway spruce and white pines. Nature has been pruning the plants.

As homeowners and […]

Can I Plant Forced Bulbs In The Yard?

Grape hyacinths will spread when grown outside, so place them where they can "travel."

At this time of year our greenhouse has a steady supply of spring-flowering bulbs. Everyone enjoys having a pot of the small Tête-à-Tête daffodils, grape hyacinths or other signs of spring on their kitchen table or windowsill in February. But after the flowers have gone by, many wonder if they can save these bulbs for […]