Celebrate Life With Paperwhite Narcissus

These narcissus were planted in a crock pot and once they were tall a bark-covered wire was used to support them.

There are so many reasons that we love paperwhite Narcissus, but many people ask “How do I keep narcissus foliage upright?” At the time of year when the days are short and it’s getting cold it’s uplifting to have something that we can watch grow. Paperwhites sprout and grow quickly even when planted on a […]

Problem Solving Gift Suggestions

Never misplace that ring again!

Two weeks ago we gave you a few ideas for your gift list. Here are a few more suggestions for some of those hard-to-buy-for people and others.

For your mother who was plagued by rabbits all last summer. They ate her flowers, herbs and vegetables and so she felt bombarded by bunnies through the entire […]

Why Didn't My.....Have Fall Color

Or, “Why did my…..turn brown and look dead so suddenly this fall?” I’ve gotten emails, phone calls and text messages from all over Cape Cod with this question. For many it’s their Japanese maples or Hydrangea shrubs that are in question. But others ask about Viburnum, Weigelia, burning bush, beech trees and other shrubs or […]

Planting Large Containers For Winter

Whisky barrels, troughs and other large containers are perfect for filling with small evergreens in the fall. Plant them in October and enjoy their beauty into early May. And if you stick some bulbs around those plants you’ll have winter shrubs and spring flowers. In early May, transplant these small evergreens to a spot in […]

How Late Can I Plant In The Fall?

Plants that lose their leaves in the winter, such as these Bobo Hydrangeas, need a bit less water than evergreens. Water deciduous plants weekly into November.

From October through December we hear this question from our customers. In fact, we find that on Cape Cod there are many people who are planting in the fall. Some have recently purchased a home and want to get a jump on the landscaping. Others suddenly need a privacy screening or are now ready to […]

The Best Things To Do For Your Yard In September

And don't forget to pick flowers and bring them in for small bouquets. We need to celebrate the season indoors and out!

The tourists might come to the Cape in the summer, but those of us who live here know that one of the best months to be on Cape Cod is September. It’s also a great time to be outside in your yard and garden. Here are a few things that you can do this month […]

Ways to Make Watering Easier

A watering wand is a must-have tool for keeping containers watered. They allow you to adjust the flow of the water so that soil isn't pushed out of the pots or foliage needlessly dampened. This purple wand is made by Dramm and also comes in other colors. A watering wand makes it easier to water hanging baskets and window boxes.

Early in the season we had plenty of rainfall, but as the summer goes on most people find that they need to water their plants. Even those who have automatic irrigation systems often need to target specific areas with additional ways to deliver moisture since tall plants can block in-ground sprinklers, or the usual lawn […]

Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival

Hyannis Country Garden is the proud sponsor of this year's collectible Hydrangea Festival poster. Each year a local artist's work is chosen. This lovely painting is by Susan A. Hollis.

As people all over Cape Cod begin touring gardens during the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival, we thought it appropriate to post a few hydrangea facts this week. Here are a few facts and tips about Cape Cod’s favorite shrub:

There is a hydrangea for every garden! If you have a sunny yard, plant one of […]

Late June Veggie Garden Problems

Do you grow vegetables? If so, here are some situations you might be dealing with, their causes and the organic solutions.

Small Holes in Leaves Cause: flea beetles Solution: dust plants with diatomaceous earth, reapply after a rain. Usually two or three applications will be enough knock the beetles down to acceptable levels.

Shredded Leaves, […]

My Leaves Have Brown Spots!

Lilacs get another form of botrytis that causes leaves to be spotted or have black edges. In constant moisture the flowers can brown as well.

Although the regular rain has been welcomed after last summer’s drought, so far the spring and early summer weather on Cape Cod has been cool and damp. This combination is pretty much a prescription for fungal problems. We’ve had customers come in with fungal conditions on lawns, perennials and shrubs. Here is a rundown of […]