A List of Great Garden Blogs


I recently posted on the GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators Facebook page asking fellow GWA members to post their blog URLs. I thought that the Country Garden customers would be interested in knowing about all of these blogs as well. Note that Cape Cod’s own Melissa Caughey’s blog, Tilly’s Nest, is included here. […]

Grow A Little Love

The Rising Sun redbud has several colors of leaves on the plant well into the summer. Lime green is the predominant shade, with smaller peach-colored foliage and splashes of darker green variegation. Grow Rising Sun in full sun to part sun.

When we put plants that speak to our hearts in the garden, we’re always growing a little love. Maybe it’s a peony that reminds you of your grandmother. Perhaps you get joy from plants with fragrant flowers, or those with a particular color of blooms. Some feel their spirits lifted when they add plants that […]

Terrific Tulips and Tulip Troubles

Recently I sat on my deck and watched the first hummingbird of the season visit my trough of tulips. For the entire month of April the developing tulips have made me smile. Elsewhere in the yard their cheerful flowers bloom red, yellow, pink and purple, complementing the daffodils and other spring flowers. Tulips are terrific.


Plants For More Landscape Color

Dappled willows are especially beautiful in the spring when the new foliage is pink and white. Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki' is available in shrub or tree form.  Note that the shrub should be pruned by taking the oldest branches out near to the ground, which will stimulate growth on the top. if this plant is just sheared every year it has less color since the new growth is the most colorful. Both shrub and tree form should be pruned by removing about 1/4 of the growth every year, selecting the oldest stems.

One of the things that many of our customers request is “More color!” Usually they are talking about flowers, of course. We all want something that’s in bloom in every month of the year. But along with planning for plants that will flower, remember to look at foliage color and texture. If your garden is […]

What To Do In The Landscape In Early Spring

Any perennials that have winter damage should be cut back to get rid of those browned leaves. This Epimedium ground cover (one of the best weed-smothering ground covers for shade) is an example. Using hedge trimmers makes the job go quickly.

Thank goodness the temperatures are starting to rise on Cape Cod because there is so much to be done in the yard and garden. Here is a pictorial to-do list for the first week of April:

1. Rake leaves where they have gathered and cut old perennials that have remained in the garden all winter […]

Making More Plants

At Country Garden's propagation class you'll learn how to take cuttings from all sorts of plants: shrubs, annuals, perennials etc.

There are times when it’s best to come into the garden center and get plants that the professional growers have produced. You can get a well-shaped plant of some size and have an attractive looking planting instantly. But there are some plants that professional growers don’t or can’t produce. Root crops, for example, are only […]

Flowers 12 Months Per Year

I decided we have to celebrate a rose in June, and this is one of my favorite climbers, Colette. Fragrant, repeat flowering and disease resistant...I think it leaves 'New Dawn' in the dust.

One of the most frequent requests my customers make during a landscape consultation is for more color…and by this they usually mean flowers. As a garden geek myself, I understand this desire and look for every opportunity to have something in bloom twelve months of the year. So in advance of writing this blog, I […]

Drought on Cape Cod

This newly planted Pieris suffered when the owner of this garden went on vacation in July and early August.

And we plant people thought last summer was dry! The summer of 2016 has been even drier…harder too on the plants since it’s been hot, sunny and windy. That combination causes plants to dry even faster, and because it’s been so long since we’ve had any lasting, significant rainfall the small amounts of precipitation that […]

Hydrangeas R Us!

It’s time for the second annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival and Hyannis Country Garden is happy to be one of the major sponsors of this local event. If you haven’t heard, there are over 80 private gardens open Cape wide over then days in July. The entry fee to these landscapes – $5.00 per person […]

The Garden: Wonderful, Worrisome, and Weird

At this time of year we see something new every time we go into the garden. We notice what’s wonderful, what’s worrisome, and sometimes what’s downright weird. Here are a few things that I’ve noticed in my yard this week that you might have spotted too, beginning with the wonderful.

The pink Kousa dogwood […]