Houseplants Safe For Cats and Dogs

Last week I published a list of some of the great houseplants we have in our greenhouse. Susan commented, asking if these houseplants were pet-friendly. Were they OK for dogs and cats? Her cat is a “muncher” and so she needs indoor greeenery that isn’t toxic. Our greenhouse manager, Marsha, often points out that many […]

When My Dog Was Lame

Sophie (left) and Jazzmine (right).

So a lot of us at the garden center have pets and I, Tracy, am the manager of the Plant and Pet Department and I have two German Shepherd dogs. Jazzmine who is 8 and Sophie who is 5. I’ve had them since little pups.

One day one of my dogs came up “lame” and […]

Of Pets and Plants

Sparky is still growing into his paws...we might need the dog food for large breeds for this pup.

Do you think that plant people tend to also be pet people? Many of the gardeners I know have cats or dogs, and their animals bring them as much joy as their gardens. So it made perfect sense to me when Country Garden started carrying pet foods and products, and many of our customers seem […]