Houseplants Safe For Cats and Dogs

Last week I published a list of some of the great houseplants we have in our greenhouse. Susan commented, asking if these houseplants were pet-friendly. Were they OK for dogs and cats? Her cat is a “muncher” and so she needs indoor greeenery that isn’t toxic. Our greenhouse manager, Marsha, often points out that many […]

Bringing The Outdoors In

As the foliage begins falling from shrubs and trees outdoors, it’s time to begin greening the interior of our houses. Some plants have been put outside for the summer and we bring them back inside. (See our post about preventing insect stowaways here.) But many of us are also interested in refreshing or adding to […]

Bringing Plants Back Inside For The Winter

Here is your "Houseplant Happiness Kit" for bringing plants inside after the summer.

Here is your “Houseplant Happiness Kit” for bringing plants inside after the summer.

As the latest wind and rain storm approached I brought several of my houseplants back indoors. I send many of my plants “to summer camp” and save a few tropicals and tender annuals from year to year as well. Normally I […]

Can I Plant My Gift Hydrangea Outside?

Red toned Hydrangea flowers will be a dark purple or blue in our naturally acidic soils. If the soil remains alkaline the flowers will stay red or pink.

Before Easter and Mothers Day our greenhouse is filled with beautiful potted Hydrangea plants. These make lovely gifts but since they are raised in a greenhouse, and are in flower months before their natural blooming time when grown outdoors, many wonder if it’s possible to keep them and plant them in the landscape later. Here […]

Can I Plant Forced Bulbs In The Yard?

Grape hyacinths will spread when grown outside, so place them where they can "travel."

At this time of year our greenhouse has a steady supply of spring-flowering bulbs. Everyone enjoys having a pot of the small Tête-à-Tête daffodils, grape hyacinths or other signs of spring on their kitchen table or windowsill in February. But after the flowers have gone by, many wonder if they can save these bulbs for […]

Holiday Plants: Keep or Compost?

Amaryllis are the easiest and most rewarding holiday plants to save from year to year. If in a plastic pot, transplant after bloom to a larger clay container. Keep in a sunny window and water when dry. Fertilize once a month and place outside in part-sun in May. Next September bring the pot inside to a cool place (floor of an unheated garage) and let go dormant for about 6-8 weeks. Then bring inside to a warm sunny window and water again to stimulate a new bloom spike.

“Can I keep my Poinsettia from year to year?” “Should I save the Cyclamen and try to get it to flower again?” “Can I plant the paperwhite Narcissus bulbs outside?” “What do I do with the Amaryllis once it stops blooming?” These are the questions our customers ask. We love the holiday plants that bring […]


In addition to pretty flowers, the florist Cyclamen often have interesting leaves as well.

“I love these plants,” a customer said to me, “but I don’t have any luck with them. Are they tricky plants to grow?” We were standing by the display of Cyclamen plants on the patio, both of us smiling at the rows of brightly colored flowers. As I explained to this customer, Cyclamen aren’t difficult […]

Amaryllis & Paperwhite Narcissus

Love pink and burgundy? Have we got an Amaryllis for you...

I love the indoor winter bulbs. At the time of year when the days are getting shorter, it lifts my spirits to be able to plant something inside that I know will be coming into bloom soon. And both Amaryllis and paperwhite Narcissus bulbs are easy to grow indoors.

This variety of Narcissus, called […]

Bringing Plants Indoors In The Fall

Here are some of the plants that are coming into my house, and some of the products in my "success kit" for making the transition go smoothly.

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to start bringing many plants back indoors. Some of these are houseplants that were sent to “summer camp” in shady areas, and others are tender annuals or perennials that I love to save from year to year. I have begonias, succulents, geraniums and philodendrons ready to come […]

Houseplant Problems

This Bromeliad has a bad infestation of scale and some mealybug to boot. It should first have the leaves wiped well to remove as many of the critters as possible, and then be sprayed with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. Repeat the spraying every 10 days for the next couple of months.

Are your houseplants surviving but not thriving? This is the time of year when you might be seeing problems on your houseplants. Why would you notice insects, leaf drop and other problems in mid-winter? It’s common for these things to come to a head now because indoor conditions are stressful for plants at this time […]