Celebrate Life With Paperwhite Narcissus

These narcissus were planted in a crock pot and once they were tall a bark-covered wire was used to support them.

There are so many reasons that we love paperwhite Narcissus, but many people ask “How do I keep narcissus foliage upright?” At the time of year when the days are short and it’s getting cold it’s uplifting to have something that we can watch grow. Paperwhites sprout and grow quickly even when planted on a […]

Christmas With A Sense Of Place

And of course nothing says "Cape Cod" like a great white shark! Ho, ho, ho!

I was having fun in the garden center today getting ready for Christmas. I’ve done arrangements and wreaths in our custom department for over 15 years now, and I’ve seen that our customers love the holidays and Cape Cod. They appreciate decorations that celebrate Christmas and this seaside region. Many of the wreaths we make […]

Can I Plant My Gift Hydrangea Outside?

Red toned Hydrangea flowers will be a dark purple or blue in our naturally acidic soils. If the soil remains alkaline the flowers will stay red or pink.

Before Easter and Mothers Day our greenhouse is filled with beautiful potted Hydrangea plants. These make lovely gifts but since they are raised in a greenhouse, and are in flower months before their natural blooming time when grown outdoors, many wonder if it’s possible to keep them and plant them in the landscape later. Here […]

Holiday Plants: Keep or Compost?

Amaryllis are the easiest and most rewarding holiday plants to save from year to year. If in a plastic pot, transplant after bloom to a larger clay container. Keep in a sunny window and water when dry. Fertilize once a month and place outside in part-sun in May. Next September bring the pot inside to a cool place (floor of an unheated garage) and let go dormant for about 6-8 weeks. Then bring inside to a warm sunny window and water again to stimulate a new bloom spike.

“Can I keep my Poinsettia from year to year?” “Should I save the Cyclamen and try to get it to flower again?” “Can I plant the paperwhite Narcissus bulbs outside?” “What do I do with the Amaryllis once it stops blooming?” These are the questions our customers ask. We love the holiday plants that bring […]

Making Decorations With Winter Greens

Here is one example of a tree made with a variety of evergreen foliage.

One of the pleasures at this time of year is using assorted cut evergreens in arrangements. By sticking the freshly cut ends of these greens into a block of water-filled Oasis floral foam, these compositions will last through the holidays and beyond. Use floral foam to hold greens in window boxes, pots, urns and for […]

Recycling Celebrations

Some of these wreaths include recycled materials. The Oyster Shells on this wreath, for example, were given to us by someone who had harvested and enjoyed local oysters. The shells were cleaned and drilled, going on to a new life as wreath decor.

Today is America Recycles Day. This reminds me about Christmas at Country Garden and something I saw at the Philadelphia airport. As I walked down to my gate in October I noticed a colorful grouping of plants and old wooden pallets. Some of the boards on the pallets had been painted with random colors and […]

Amaryllis & Paperwhite Narcissus

Love pink and burgundy? Have we got an Amaryllis for you...

I love the indoor winter bulbs. At the time of year when the days are getting shorter, it lifts my spirits to be able to plant something inside that I know will be coming into bloom soon. And both Amaryllis and paperwhite Narcissus bulbs are easy to grow indoors.

This variety of Narcissus, called […]

Can I Plant My Easter Plants Outside?

These Easter plants should be perfectly hardy in Cape Cod gardens. If you live in other parts of the country, however, you'll want to call your local garden center to see if these plants are hardy in your climate.

After the Easter holiday we typically get phone calls from customers who want to plant their gift plants outdoors. “Can I plant my greenhouse hydrangea outside?” they ask, or “Will the azalea that I got for a present be hardy?” If you live on Cape Cod, the answer is “Yes, those plants should be fine […]

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Curl the stems from the rose hip sprays around the candle, add the pine cone pics and arrange the shells around the candle so that all the stems are hidden.

Many people don’t want to have an elaborate centerpiece on Thanksgiving because let’s face it…the focus of this holiday is on the people gathered, our expressions of gratitude, and the food. But one of the things that makes holidays memorable is setting a special table that is different from the day-to-day. Here are some ideas […]

Air Plant Gardens

Here is a bubble garden that our greenhouse staff created - more examples below.

Looking for a fun plant craft that can also be a great hostess or get-well gift? Do you want a project for older children on a cool and cloudy fall day? Come into our greenhouse and discover how you can easily make a charming air plant (Tillandsia) or bubble garden.

Here is a bubble […]