Problem Solving Gift Suggestions

Never misplace that ring again!

Two weeks ago we gave you a few ideas for your gift list. Here are a few more suggestions for some of those hard-to-buy-for people and others.

For your mother who was plagued by rabbits all last summer. They ate her flowers, herbs and vegetables and so she felt bombarded by bunnies through the entire […]

Problem Solving Gift List

She absolutely loves Christmas. She likes to set the table with special linens, put holiday throw pillows on the couch and places cinnamon potpourri in the bathrooms. So you know that she'll love these sweet Christmas dishes.

In the holiday season we can easily figure out gifts for some of our friends and family members. But others are more challenging to shop for. Here is part 1 of the Country Garden Present Problem Solver…our suggestions for interesting, unexpected, but oh-so-appreciated gifts.

For The Person Who Doesn’t Need “More Stuff”

For […]

Gifts for Anyone Who Has A Yard

Here is a bubble garden that our greenhouse staff created - more examples below.

It’s easy to get gifts for gardeners. They can always use plants, seeds and new garden gloves. But how about those people who wouldn’t classify themselves as a gardener? What about those “black thumbs” on your list? Here are a few suggestions:

1. A pair of really good pruners like the pros use. Most homeowners […]

Air Plant Gardens

Here is a bubble garden that our greenhouse staff created - more examples below.

Looking for a fun plant craft that can also be a great hostess or get-well gift? Do you want a project for older children on a cool and cloudy fall day? Come into our greenhouse and discover how you can easily make a charming air plant (Tillandsia) or bubble garden.

Here is a bubble […]

Presents With Potential

Walking by the rack of Renee’s Seeds today started me thinking about the gift of planting. I realize that when thinking of presents most people’s minds don’t automatically wander to seeds, no matter what the season. Somehow, however, these colorful packets are the perfect gift because they are filled with such potential.

Packages of seed […]

Cyclamen for Winter Cheer

Cold weather got you down? We have the perfect plant for you. It’s cheerful and versatile, and perfect for those who want a plant that’s not as associated with Christmas as the Poinsettia is. This plant is often called “florist Cyclamen” and it grows from a bulb. We love these bright flowers on the windowsill, […]

Fresh Color For Your House

It’s a cold, wet New England day and snowflakes are mixing with the rain drops…a sign of the winter ahead. Such weather, combined with the shorter days, can make our spirits sink. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution: colorful houseplants, for the beginning of that time of year when we need cheering the most. Here are […]

Love Spring? You Can Grow That!

On the 4th of every month garden bloggers post four words of advice: You Can Grow That!

This month, in advance of Valentine’s Day, many are writing about growing love and romance. From roses to vines that twine together, love has long been associated with flowers and plants. But the use of flowers and growing […]

Easy-Care Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a popular houseplant because their bright flowers are cheerful and they are easy to grow. There are numerous varieties available now, from the common Kalanchoe blossfeldiana that has bright red, pink, yellow or orange flowers to the v

Kalanchoe are succulents so they can go a bit dry in between watering. Do water […]

Things My Mother Told Me

My mother was a pretty wise woman and her advice was usually spot on. She told me to treat other people in the way I wanted to be treated, not to try and solve difficulties at night when I was tired, and to always bring a hostess gift when I arrived and write a thank […]