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Why Didn't My.....Have Fall Color

Or, “Why did my…..turn brown and look dead so suddenly this fall?” I’ve gotten emails, phone calls and text messages from all over Cape Cod with this question. For many it’s their Japanese maples or Hydrangea shrubs that are in question. But others ask about Viburnum, Weigelia, burning bush, beech trees and other shrubs or […]

Problem Solving Gift List

She absolutely loves Christmas. She likes to set the table with special linens, put holiday throw pillows on the couch and places cinnamon potpourri in the bathrooms. So you know that she'll love these sweet Christmas dishes.

In the holiday season we can easily figure out gifts for some of our friends and family members. But others are more challenging to shop for. Here is part 1 of the Country Garden Present Problem Solver…our suggestions for interesting, unexpected, but oh-so-appreciated gifts.

For The Person Who Doesn’t Need “More Stuff”

For […]

How To Make A Boxwood Tree in Oasis

One of the things our custom department does at the holidays is to make boxwood and mixed greens trees in oasis. We sell plain trees for those who want to decorate one themselves, and we offer pre-decorated trees in assorted styles. These trees are fun to make and every year we offer workshops and teach […]