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White Hydrangeas – The Paniculata Group

Here are how the Pinky Winky flowers look in September.

In July the blue or pink mophead and lacecap are the stars of the show on Cape Cod. But as we move into August, it’s time for the panicle hydrangeas to take center stage. Those in the Hydrangea paniculata group come in all sizes and they are bone-hardy shrubs that reliably flower from late summer […]

Grow A Little Love

The Rising Sun redbud has several colors of leaves on the plant well into the summer. Lime green is the predominant shade, with smaller peach-colored foliage and splashes of darker green variegation. Grow Rising Sun in full sun to part sun.

When we put plants that speak to our hearts in the garden, we’re always growing a little love. Maybe it’s a peony that reminds you of your grandmother. Perhaps you get joy from plants with fragrant flowers, or those with a particular color of blooms. Some feel their spirits lifted when they add plants that […]

Ways to Make Watering Easier

A watering wand is a must-have tool for keeping containers watered. They allow you to adjust the flow of the water so that soil isn't pushed out of the pots or foliage needlessly dampened. This purple wand is made by Dramm and also comes in other colors. A watering wand makes it easier to water hanging baskets and window boxes.

Early in the season we had plenty of rainfall, but as the summer goes on most people find that they need to water their plants. Even those who have automatic irrigation systems often need to target specific areas with additional ways to deliver moisture since tall plants can block in-ground sprinklers, or the usual lawn […]

Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival

Hyannis Country Garden is the proud sponsor of this year's collectible Hydrangea Festival poster. Each year a local artist's work is chosen. This lovely painting is by Susan A. Hollis.

As people all over Cape Cod begin touring gardens during the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival, we thought it appropriate to post a few hydrangea facts this week. Here are a few facts and tips about Cape Cod’s favorite shrub:

There is a hydrangea for every garden! If you have a sunny yard, plant one of […]