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Plants For More Landscape Color

Dappled willows are especially beautiful in the spring when the new foliage is pink and white. Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki' is available in shrub or tree form.  Note that the shrub should be pruned by taking the oldest branches out near to the ground, which will stimulate growth on the top. if this plant is just sheared every year it has less color since the new growth is the most colorful. Both shrub and tree form should be pruned by removing about 1/4 of the growth every year, selecting the oldest stems.

One of the things that many of our customers request is “More color!” Usually they are talking about flowers, of course. We all want something that’s in bloom in every month of the year. But along with planning for plants that will flower, remember to look at foliage color and texture. If your garden is […]

Passionate About Peonies

I don't know about you, but a big bouquet of peonies makes me feel like a wealthy woman. Their fragrance fills the house.

At this time of year the perennials are arriving at Hyannis Country Garden, and among all the wonderful new cultivars one old-fashioned plant remains a favorite. Many employees and customers alike are passionate for peonies! Here are some tips for success with these plants.

Always grow peonies in the full sun. If your plants have […]

Landscape Consultations ~ Cape Cod

Once a foundation planting is over 25 years old it's often time to pull it out and replant. Sometimes the plants have just gotten bare or broken, and other times they are just too big. Fortunately the range of plants that stay shorter has grown every year as more new varieties are introduced. So a foundation planting can be designed that won't require shearing the plants and fighting their size.

Here’s a question that I hear frequently: “Do you do consultations?” I consider Country Garden’s on-site consultation service to be another way we can live up to our company motto: Large enough to serve you, small enough to know you.

Many of our customers can be helped right in the nursery and store. Most of […]

Can I Plant My Gift Hydrangea Outside?

Red toned Hydrangea flowers will be a dark purple or blue in our naturally acidic soils. If the soil remains alkaline the flowers will stay red or pink.

Before Easter and Mothers Day our greenhouse is filled with beautiful potted Hydrangea plants. These make lovely gifts but since they are raised in a greenhouse, and are in flower months before their natural blooming time when grown outdoors, many wonder if it’s possible to keep them and plant them in the landscape later. Here […]