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Problem Solving Products

"My arborvitae have splayed open with the heavy ice and snow this winter." Arborvitaes are multi-stemmed plants and they often can get pushed out in all directions. This soft-covered wire is perfect for winding around those multiple stems bringing them upright again. Here's the key to success: don't wrap this wire tight around a single stem, but coil it up like a spring around the trunks instead. At either end attach the wire to itself forming a loose ring around the starting stem that won't become too tight over time.

If you watched Saturday Night Live when it first came on, you will remember Gilda Radner’s character, Roseanne Roseannadanna. She had a favorite phrase: “It’s always something!” That’s how home landscapers and gardeners frequently feel. There are problems and challenges everywhere we turn. Fortunately, there are good solutions to most situations we encounter in our […]

Winter Damage or Nature’s Pruning?

The forest floor at Scorton Creek is carpeted with nature's pruning job. These high-nitrogen needle tips will provide nutrients for the trees they came off of. And the branches that were "pruned" by Mother Nature will double their growth next year.

After the past two wind/snow/ice storms on the Cape I, like many of you, have found many twigs, branches and leaves on the ground. When walking my dog at Scorton Creek in Sandwich the ground is patterned with the tips of Norway spruce and white pines. Nature has been pruning the plants.

As homeowners and […]

Can I Plant Forced Bulbs In The Yard?

Grape hyacinths will spread when grown outside, so place them where they can "travel."

At this time of year our greenhouse has a steady supply of spring-flowering bulbs. Everyone enjoys having a pot of the small Tête-à-Tête daffodils, grape hyacinths or other signs of spring on their kitchen table or windowsill in February. But after the flowers have gone by, many wonder if they can save these bulbs for […]