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Planning Plant Fun

Do people have a hard time finding your house? Here's a way to colorfully display a street number. You could so something similar with a half-whiskey barrel as well.

I was recently at the TPIE trade show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was fun to be in a place where orchids can be grown in the landscape, and the plants we can only grow indoors scramble up trees. In addition to the tropical plant show, we visited botanic gardens and growers. The plant trials […]

Plants And The Variable Winter Weather

Daffodils often stick up shoots in December and they do not seem to be harmed by cold winter temperatures.

Many of us remember the winters in our youth when the snow arrived in December or early January and stayed until spring. Ponds froze early in those days and people could walk across a lake or skate on the ice for three or more months. Winter isn’t like that anymore. One thing we know about […]

Making More Plants

At Country Garden's propagation class you'll learn how to take cuttings from all sorts of plants: shrubs, annuals, perennials etc.

There are times when it’s best to come into the garden center and get plants that the professional growers have produced. You can get a well-shaped plant of some size and have an attractive looking planting instantly. But there are some plants that professional growers don’t or can’t produce. Root crops, for example, are only […]

Flowers 12 Months Per Year

I decided we have to celebrate a rose in June, and this is one of my favorite climbers, Colette. Fragrant, repeat flowering and disease resistant...I think it leaves 'New Dawn' in the dust.

One of the most frequent requests my customers make during a landscape consultation is for more color…and by this they usually mean flowers. As a garden geek myself, I understand this desire and look for every opportunity to have something in bloom twelve months of the year. So in advance of writing this blog, I […]

Holiday Plants: Keep or Compost?

Amaryllis are the easiest and most rewarding holiday plants to save from year to year. If in a plastic pot, transplant after bloom to a larger clay container. Keep in a sunny window and water when dry. Fertilize once a month and place outside in part-sun in May. Next September bring the pot inside to a cool place (floor of an unheated garage) and let go dormant for about 6-8 weeks. Then bring inside to a warm sunny window and water again to stimulate a new bloom spike.

“Can I keep my Poinsettia from year to year?” “Should I save the Cyclamen and try to get it to flower again?” “Can I plant the paperwhite Narcissus bulbs outside?” “What do I do with the Amaryllis once it stops blooming?” These are the questions our customers ask. We love the holiday plants that bring […]