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Roses in Early September

This shot of a Climbing America rose was taken in late September in Sandwich.

September is one of the most glorious months on Cape Cod. The days tend to be clear and warm, the nights cool and the annuals flower gardens in full flower. Also in bloom in Cape gardens in the fall are the roses. Any repeat flowering rose usually produces a large encore performance at this time […]

Drought on Cape Cod

This newly planted Pieris suffered when the owner of this garden went on vacation in July and early August.

And we plant people thought last summer was dry! The summer of 2016 has been even drier…harder too on the plants since it’s been hot, sunny and windy. That combination causes plants to dry even faster, and because it’s been so long since we’ve had any lasting, significant rainfall the small amounts of precipitation that […]

What's Wrong With My Tomato Leaves?

At this time of year those who grow tomatoes often see signs that the plant isn’t thriving as they’d like. Holes in the leaves, yellowing of the tomato foliage, or brown, dying stems are common. Like damage on other plants, however, we should never assume that what we see is all related. When it comes […]

Why Did My Hydrangea Flowers Turn Brown?

So now you know. What turned YOUR hydrangea flowers brown?

You patiently waited for six months while the Hydrangeas were bare sticks, you actually had flowers appear despite the hard winter or bad pruning, but by the first week in August they were brown! Sometimes life is SO unfair. So why did your flowers turn brown when your neighbor’s are still in bloom? Here’s what […]

Good Garden Dogs

Occasionally Sparky will come into the garden as I work. "Aren't you done picking beans?"

As many of you know, my husband and I got a new dog last October. We adopted Sparky from the Cape Ann Animal Aid which is located, don’t you love it, at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester, but his litter was rescued off the streets of Puerto Rico by All Sato Rescue. Sparky turned one […]