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The Garden in Early July

Have you ever driven past one of those signs by an apartment building or condo that says, “If you lived here, you’d be home now”? I thought of those signs this week when I was out in my garden. As I picked peas, lettuce, baby kale and an assortment of flowers, I thought about the […]

When To Harvest...

Leaf lettuce can also be harvested by picking only the largest leaves. Many lettuces get bitter in hot weather, however, so it's often best to harvest and eat most of your lettuce crops quickly and then replant in the open spaces for fresh crops.

And Other Pleasures of Raised Bed Gardening!

One of the wonderful things about gardening in the loose, well amended soil of a raised bed is seeing how fast the veggies grow. The demonstration raised beds at Hyannis Country Garden were planted at the end of May. At that time a variety of plants and seeds […]

Dipladenia or Mandevilla?

People love the tall, vigorously vining form of Mandevilla for covering railings, lamp posts and trellises.

Many of you might remember when the rock star Prince changed his name to a symbol. Since the symbol wasn’t pronounceable, because that would just be another name after all, he became “the artist formerly known as Prince.” I think of this every time I pass the baskets of ‘Red Riding Hood’ Mandevilla in the […]