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Every Perennial Plant is Different

Unlike the hosta, Aurinia loves full sun. In fact, this plant prefers sandy, well-drained soils. And also unlike the reliable hosta, Aurinia is short-lived. It does, however, self-seed in areas where it's happy. Watch for tiny plants that sprout randomly around the garden in summer as those will be your future spring bloomers. This is a great perennial for rock gardens, in rock walls, and along stone paths because it loves the heat. This plant does not like frequent, automatic irrigation.

As I walk through my own gardens, and work among the plants at the store, I marvel at the vast array of perennials. There are plants that bloom in the winter and varieties that flower in the spring, summer or fall. There are perennials that hug the ground and those with flowers that tower over […]

Foliage Damage April 2016

This photo was sent to me - it shows great daylily foliage damage.

When I moved to this area I was told “On Cape Cod we have January, February, March, March, March, June.” After working at the garden center for several spring seasons, I learned that even the first week in June can be winter like! That sea breeze that we depend on in July often keeps our […]

Problems With Spring Bulbs

Daffodils are reliably perennial when planted in well amended soil.

We’ve had a few emails recently about spring bulbs, so I thought I’d talk a bit about common problems and great bulbs for this region. (S.E. Massachusetts.)

One common problem people has is that their bulbs don’t come back and multiply as they expected they would. This could be the result of several situations.

Soil […]

Cape Cod Pollinators

How many bees can be stuffed into an Anemone flower? Here a bumblebee and a honey bee dive into the pollen.

We’ve all seen reports on television, or read in the newspaper, that the bees and other pollinators are in trouble. Some people have responded to this news by expressing concern. “That’s too bad…” or “How terrible!” Some have made it a point to look into what action they personally can take to improve the situation, […]

When My Dog Was Lame

Sophie (left) and Jazzmine (right).

So a lot of us at the garden center have pets and I, Tracy, am the manager of the Plant and Pet Department and I have two German Shepherd dogs. Jazzmine who is 8 and Sophie who is 5. I’ve had them since little pups.

One day one of my dogs came up “lame” and […]