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On Your March, Get Set, Grow!

Most witch hazel  (Hamamelis) shrubs flower in the winter. They somewhat resemble forsythia, although they come into bloom a good two months before those plants. If you need a harbinger of spring in your yard, plant a witch hazel!

How on earth did it get to be almost March already? I don’t know about you, but time seems to evaporate on me. Although the days whiz by, however, this winter has been a great deal kinder to us and if the current trend continues we just might be in for an early spring. This […]

Ideas From Flower Show Displays

This is called a "Maker's Garden" and it was designed by Mya Kerner.

I am out at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle right now. The Rhode Island Flower Show is also this weekend, and the Philadelphia Flower Show and the Boston Flower Show are right around the corner. Each of these spring flower shows has an assortment of display gardens and vendors, and all are […]

Houseplant Problems

This Bromeliad has a bad infestation of scale and some mealybug to boot. It should first have the leaves wiped well to remove as many of the critters as possible, and then be sprayed with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. Repeat the spraying every 10 days for the next couple of months.

Are your houseplants surviving but not thriving? This is the time of year when you might be seeing problems on your houseplants. Why would you notice insects, leaf drop and other problems in mid-winter? It’s common for these things to come to a head now because indoor conditions are stressful for plants at this time […]

Snow Day Seed Starting


It is a snow day here on Cape Cod. Just enough is falling to make everything look magical. Trees, shrubs and garden tools alike are instantly rendered more interesting. But after admiring the changing landscape, I’m getting down to business answering some of the emails that have come into the store in the past couple […]