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What We Do Right (and Wrong) in Our Yards and Gardens

It's wonderful that people are willing to plant annuals every spring for summer-long flowers.

Recently I was speaking about the top 8 mistakes people commonly make in their yards and gardens. That prompted me to make a list of 8 things that I people commonly do right, even if they say that they aren’t gardeners, or have a black thumb. I’m sure both these lists could be expanded, and […]

Spring in December! What to do when the winter starts out WARM

A primrose in Sandwich thinks it's spring!

All over the Northeast people are loving the unusually warm weather. Our plants, however, seem confused. Those on the Cape Cod Gardening Facebook Group have been commenting about plants breaking dormancy or blooming four and five months too soon. “What’s going to happen next spring?” they wonder.

In general we can say this: if a […]

Gifts for Anyone Who Has A Yard

Here is a bubble garden that our greenhouse staff created - more examples below.

It’s easy to get gifts for gardeners. They can always use plants, seeds and new garden gloves. But how about those people who wouldn’t classify themselves as a gardener? What about those “black thumbs” on your list? Here are a few suggestions:

1. A pair of really good pruners like the pros use. Most homeowners […]