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What Is This Plant?

The woman who brought this photo into the store on her iPad had seen this perennial in a friend's garden. "She didn't remember what it was and we were both impressed that it was still flowering in November. What is it?" she asked. This is a Rozanne Geranium,  It is one of the cranesbill perennial geranium. The botanical name is Geranium 'Gerwat' but everyone calls it Rozanne.

In the past week we’ve gotten three requests for plant identification. Although we can’t always ID plants from other parts of the country, we’re happy to help those on the Cape and Islands figure out what they have in their yards or the names of plants they see in other locations. Here are the photos […]

When Should I Cut Down Ornamental Grasses?

You can even gather the taller grasses up in early December and decorate the clump for the holdiays.

Here on the Cape people sometimes call ornamental grasses “beach grass” although they are not usually varieties that grow on the beach. But to those who live near the beach the blades of a Miscanthus (aka Japanese silver grass) or a Pennisetum (fountain grass) shine and move in the breezes just like the foliage of […]