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Vegetable Garden August Planting


You say you now have empty spaces in your veggie garden? Maybe you pulled your garlic in July, the peas declined and were yanked out, or your first lettuce plantings have all been eaten. For these reasons and more, many people find that there are open areas in the vegetable beds in early August. Don’t […]

Zucchini Not Producing

Male flowers have long stems with no swelling under the blossom.  If you like stuffed squash flowers, pick the males after noon and cook them for dinnner.

A customer came into the store last week, concerned that she wasn’t getting any zucchini from her summer squash plants. “I think I have all male flowers,” she said. Although it does occasionally happen that a summer squash will produce all or mostly male blooms, if you have more than one plant it’s unlikely that […]

Tips on Garden Design

You may have patio or yard funiture that's different in shape or style, but it will nevertheless be attractive in the landscape.

Garden design is a big subject, but you can learn a great deal and get some tips from the displays in this Cape Cod garden center. One of our designers, Brenda Barnhart-Brodt, puts together lovely displays and you can take design ideas from them that can be applied to your own yard and gardens. Although […]

July Daylily Care

These Early Bird Cardinal daylilies come into bloom in June, and in July mingle with the Fairy Tale Pink that are just starting. The faded Early Bird blooms have been picked off so that they don't detract from the garden and the other dayliies just coming into flower.

In July the daylilies are at their peak, and most of the time we can just sit back and enjoy the show! But some fast and simple daylily maintenance will keep your garden at it’s best and the plants looking their most attractive.

1. If you haven’t fertilized your daylilies yet this year, a light […]

Hydrangea Color

This hydrangea is growing in a place where the soil ranges from acid to alkaline because the area is right next to a concrete foundation and walkway. So the flowers on this plant are always multi-colored!

Turning Hydrangeas Blue or Pink

You say you want your hydrangeas to be in the pink or feeling blue? Success depends on what type of hydrangea you have and the pH of your soil.

White: Some hydrangeas will never change color. A white ‘Annabelle’ will always have white fading to green flowers. Limelight will always […]

Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival @ Hyannis Country Garden

If ever there was a garden center that would be thrilled about the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival, it’s Hyannis Country Garden! As a garden center we don’t claim to have a favorite flower of course, but like most Cape residents we do love Hydrangeas. We also know how much our customers care about this shrub, […]