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Reviving Hanging Baskets

This basket shows the typical early-July look from the stresses of the season.

Many of our customers purchase a hanging basket in mid-May and find themselves wondering why these mixed annuals are no longer looking full and flower filled as the summer goes on. One important thing to know about annual plnats is that they flower at the ends of their new growth. So for hanging baskets this […]

Umbrella Planters

Here is how the finished planter looks. Ready for fun in the sun!

UPDATE 2017: We’re sorry but we no longer have these in stock, and don’t know if we’re going to be able to get them again.

These are attractive clay planters, so will be heavy enough not to blow away.

There is a great selection of small succulents in our front greenhouse where the […]

Is it GONE Yet? Can I Plant Impatiens Again?

It’s a good question, and one that has passed the lips of many of our customers. So before we get to the long explanation, let’s cut to the answer: We don’t know yet.

Last year there were people on the Cape who planted the regular Impatiens and had them do well into the fall. A […]

One a Problem, One Not so Much

When I am on properties doing planting or design consultations the clients frequently ask me about anything in their landscape that has caught their attention. This week I looked at two common situations, one that’s problematic and another that’s not a concern.

At the first property we were looking at the homeowners perennial garden to […]