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Why Don't My Iris Bloom?

These are German Iris, aka bearded Iris. These want the top of their rhizomes to  be seen on the surface of the soil.

The end of May and early June is Iris season on Cape Cod so it’s not unusual to have a customer ask why these plants are flowering in their gardens. There are a few reasons that your Iris plants may not flower, and sometimes their lack of bloom can be a combination of two or […]

Winter Moth Damage Alert!

If you part the leaves that are stuck together with webs, you'll see the green larvae.

Attention Cape Cod!

Look closely at your maple, cherry, willow, apple, pear trees and blueberry and rose bushes! It’s likely that when you get up close you’ll see holes and shredded foliage. From a distance it seems like these plants are just still breaking dormancy, but in reality they are being eaten by the larvae […]

Planting Pots and Boxes

Colorful pots are another way to instantly add to your container groupings. In this pot Oregano Kent Beauty was the plant chosen to spill over the sides.

Container gardening is one of the most enjoyable gardening projects we can do at this time of year. We can use containers to grow veggies and herbs, bring hummingbirds to our patios, have fragrance by our porches and bring color to just about any part of the yard or garden. Containers can fill a tight […]

Pruning Hydrangeas After Winter Damage

Now comes the moment of truth for Cape Cod gardeners. Early May is when we know how much damage the winter has done to our mop-head and lace-cap hydrangeas. Early may finds us either rejoicing, knowing that our plants will flower this summer, or despairing because it’s clear that this will be a season of […]