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Can I Repair My Broken Shrub and Tree Branches?

When the heavy snow bends branches, many of them are damaged and these injuries aren't discovered until April or even later in the spring.

It’s been a brutal winter and now that the snow is finally thawing many area homeowners are finding that their shrubs and trees have broken branches, split trunks or cracked limbs. “Can I bind these back together and let them heal?” they want to know. Unfortunately the answer is no. Stems of plants don’t knit […]

Growing Giant Pumpkins


Growing GIANT Pumpkins A Sunday Seminar at Hyannis Country Garden, Sunday March 29th, 2015

Looking for a coach for a princess with glass slippers? Need a place to stash unexpected or unwanted guests? Do you want to make a hundred pumpkin pies this Thanksgiving? You Can Grow That!

To produce a BIG pumpkin you’ll need […]

Starting Tomato Seeds

This year I tried a new product we're carrying - Base Soil Mix by Ideal Organix. I like it!

What a treat to be planting tomato seeds…finally! Nothing says “Spring IS around the corner!” quite like seed starting. And speaking of corners, I want to give you a little tip that might help when you plant small seeds.

When starting our tomato seeds I get the potting mix wet first. This is important because […]

What is Under All That Snow?

What's underneath all of that snow? Now that the thaw seems to be underway, we're all about to find out...

While the long-lasting snow cover was good for perennials, it might prove to be problematic in other areas of our landscapes. Here are 4 tips for what you should watch for after the thaw.

1. Look for vole passageways. While moles travel under the ground, voles make channels on the surface and when the snow […]