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Proven Winners For Cape Cod

Here are containers planted with several great Proven Winners plants.

At Hyannis Country Garden things are always coming up roses…and houseplants, perennials, shrubs, trees, vines, and annuals, to name just a few. So even though the planting season isn’t yet upon us, we’re focused on flowers! We know that our customers want plants that will perform well, and we offer you this photo taken of […]

Too Much Snow!

These were the hydrangeas on my property after the first snowfall. They are nearly buried by now!

Cape Cod is buried in snow! Many have mountains of plowed snow that’s covering shrubs, lawns and perennials. Some of us have forgotten just what’s down under those mounds of white! At this point we can’t do anything but hope for an early spring. Don’t worry about those plants that are underneath the snow, however. […]

What’s Wrong With My House Plant?

This is a sample of a plant that is getting pale not because of over-watering, but because of a nutrient deficiency. If the leaves are yellowing but not drooping, and the plant hasn't been fertilized in awhile, this could be the cause. House plants with nutrient deficiencies sometimes need repotting in a larger pot as well. Check to see if the plant is root bound, and if so, repot it with fresh potting soil before you fertilize.

At this time of year people often start seeing problems with their house plants. Wilting or yellowing leaves, spots on the foliage, dying branches, stickiness and breaking stems are some of the symptoms that something is wrong. Here are a few examples of common houseplant problems, along with a way for you to diagnose what […]