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After the Blizzard – Dreaming of Spring

Since many Cape Codder’s aren’t dug out from the storm yet, we have plenty of time to evaluate our landscape and dream of spring. Here are a few after-the-storm gardening tips:

Be sure to check the shrubs around your yard as soon as you’re able to get to them. If it’s possible, knock off any […]

January in the Cape Cod Garden

Don't worry about those green daffodils or grape hyacinths that are visible now...they won't be significantly harmed by the colder temperatures.

For many people, winter is a blessing and a curse. We may not relish dealing with snow and ice, but it can be a relief not to deal with mowing the grass, watering a flowerbed or pulling up weeds. Some enjoy the look of snow on shrubs or flowering Helebores while others find their idea […]