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Air Plant Gardens

Here is a bubble garden that our greenhouse staff created - more examples below.

Looking for a fun plant craft that can also be a great hostess or get-well gift? Do you want a project for older children on a cool and cloudy fall day? Come into our greenhouse and discover how you can easily make a charming air plant (Tillandsia) or bubble garden.

Here is a bubble […]

For More Color, Plant A Diverse Selection

This garden is in flower from February on! Witch hazel flowers in the winter, followed by lilacs, azaleas and Viburnum. Daffodils are planted in between the perennials and add to the spring show. In this photo you see how even in October this garden is filled with color. Yellow Bidens, blue annual salvia, pink Sunpatiens, and white Frosty Knight Lobularia form the patchwork border. Purple Volcano phlox are filled with their second round of flower power, and the tall Actea 'Brunette' form fragrant exclamation points with their white flowers in the fall.

When we ask our customers what they want out of their landscapes, the answer is usually “More color.” People want landscapes that are filled with flowers and interesting foliage, with emphasis on the flowers. Some of these homeowners want mostly shrubs or perennials, but in the quest for more color they are best off planting […]